Environmental Assessments in  California

Environmental Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) - Cost $2,000 - California

Phase  1 I Environmental Site  Assessments (ESAs) - Cost $2,000 in California - in accordance with the American Society for Testing and  Materials  (ASTM) standard for Phase 1 I ESA's by  EPA-Compliant Environmental Professional (EP)  {40 CFR Part 312} who meets the requirements of the EPA - Cost Phase I 1 ESA  $2,000  California  - 7 to 10 days turnaround time

Phase 2 Environmental Assessment Subsurface Investigations

Phase  2 Environmental Assessment - Subsurface  Investigation consist of collecting soil,  soil-gas, and/or  groundwater samples to screen for subsurface contamination by a  California-Registered Professional Geologist 

Phase 3 Environmental Assessment Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation or Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the term used to describe the  contaminated site remediation phase of an ESA. Workplans for thorough  subsurface investigation are prepared and  implemented, feasibility studies are prepared, and  remediation system are designed and  implemented at sites that have significant  soil and/or groundwater contamination problems that require cleanup - UST Cleanup Fund Reimbursements in California

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